Products presently under development


CADx for Ophthalmology involves diagnosis of retinal abnormalities from retinal fundus images. Our CADx system is a complete affordable end-to-end point-of-care solution with enhanced accessibility, as an attempt to address the disproportionate burden of blindness and early detection of avoidable blindness. This CAD system for Ophthalmology is capable of detecting retinal abnormalities from retinal fundus images. Supported by DBT/BIRAC. more

Ri-View TB

CADx in Radiology involves diagnosis of diseases and infections in X-ray images. Our CADx system primarily detects TB from CXR (Chest X-Ray) - on a hardware neutral plug-in. This system will primarily assist radiologists and physicians, especially for those with limited experience. CADx system on CXR images for acute respiratory infection is an attempt to improve the performance of the diagnosis in the medical practice to minimize errors and maximize consensus in image interpretation. Supported by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. more


Upcoming Products

Ultrasonography CAD

CADx in Ultrasonography involves diagnosis of acute infections and diseases from ultrasound images

sonoView will be a hardware neutral CADx plug-in for Multi-organ ultrasonography with an objective for rapid, consistent diagnosis of critically ill patients in resource limited, high burden care emergency units